Emanuel Pessanha

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Quatro Ventos

"Fado ... the happiness that you suffer from, the grief that you enjoy".

Quatro Ventos is a special fado quartet starring singer/guitarist Emanuel Pessanha. This new theater season, Quatro Ventos brings Fado Retrato ("Portrait of Fado"), a beautiful music program named after one of the songs from the latest CD of the group.

Fado is often associated with sorrow and misfortune, however, in addition Quatro Ventos brings compelling fado ballads and optimistic and upbeat songs and also gives explanation to involve the public.

With Quatro Ventos, Emanuel Pessanha has a strong and successful ensemble since 1996. He is accompanied on stage by Wout Pennings and Rafael Fraga on guitar, violinist/pianist Aili Deiwiks and double bass players Lucien Matheeuwsen and Norbert Leurs.

De Volkskrant about Vozes do Silêncio:'(...) fado without mannerism and pretentious affectation, but obviously full of emotion in tasteful doses. (...) Great band, with sparkling play of guitarist Wout Pennings and Aili Deiwiks on violin.' Muziekwereld NTB: 'The subtlety and skill of the musicians are a treat for the ears!' De Volkskrant: 'Compelling music played with warmth' 'Pessanha has a beautiful dark brown voice and finds the right tone between relaxation and passion. Folk and poetic, as befits fado. De Gelderlander: 'Wout Pennings shines with his virtuoso guitar playing. A joy to hear!'

Quatro Ventos' 1998 debut album, "Flor do Mar" was recorded in Lisbon in the Vale de Lobos Studio of star singer Rui Veloso. On this CD Rui Veloso sings a duet with Emanuel, the song São Miguel is a worthy tribute to the island where Pessanha was born. In 1999 "Valsa de Lobos" was released. After that it was time to record Quatro Ventos live what resulted in late 2000 in the third CD titled "Uma noite fado". In the autumn of 2004 "Barco de papel" was released. This includes a beautiful duet performed with Fernando Lameirinhas. The fifth Quatro Ventos CD is called "Vozes do Silêncio" and contains a duet with British singer/songwriter Iain Matthews.

Emanuel Pessanha (guitar and vocals), Wout Pennings (solo guitar), Rafael Fraga (Coïmbra guitar and solo guitar), Aili Deiwiks (violin and piano), Luciën Mattheeuwsen and Norbert Leurs (double bass).